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I am Pastor Darwin Vail and I have served as pastor of Bible Believing Baptist Church in Gray, Maine, for 37 years.  I came to Gray with my wife Janet and three small children in 1982.  When I arrived, the church consisted of a cellar, an outhouse, and about 20 people.  There is a book written, Where God Guides, God Provides, which tells the story of how God established the church on a cash principle and more. 


I have now transitioned from pastoring that church to promoting Compassion's Calling. Wherever God opens the doors for me to speak, be it churches, groups, or individuals, I will share Compassion's Calling in the context of the blessings of longevity.


Others are not likely to find our beliefs credible unless they see that we are as concerned about them as we are about ourselves.

Our Mission

To equip people for grief ministry and

to encourage the church to provide

the tools to do it. 

(2 Corinthians 1:3-4, Jude 22, Isaiah 61:1-2a)

"People don’t care about how much

we say we care until they first see

how much we care." 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Through experience and practice

when the principles of Compassion’s Calling are followed, four things happen:

  1. Brings a positive influence for Christ in the church

  2. Builds the body of Christ over time.

  3. Believers, young and old, are qualified for the task.

  4. Compassion makes the difference. 

We pray others will take heed

and put Compassion's Calling principles

into practice in their lives.

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